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Acoustic booths

Ducting & ventilation

Hoppers, chutes, silos & tanks

Kitchens (domestic)

Machine guards

Manweb vents (louvres)

Mesh filters

Safety barriers

Security grills & doors

Structural steelwork

Tables & Worktops


Trolleys, Bogies & Conveyors

Stainless steel conveyer - showing tension adjustment of the belt

Conveyer systems can be made to suit any application from moving products from one area to another. Most of our conveyor systems are produced for the food industry. Usually these are made of mild steel, but stainless could just as easily be used.

We can can manufacture any width or length within our premises and it can be fitted on site by our installation team.

Trollies and bogies are usually manufactured for the transportation of a wide variety of industrial products, categories and weights.

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